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For the Birthday Girl

April 29, 2011

Today my beautiful wife celebrates her 5th, 27th birthday! I would be an idiot if I did not devote a post to this amazing women. Those of you who know Kristin, know she is constantly on the move, constantly doing something for the benefit of others. (And quite honestly, the majority of the time she is doing something for me. )

Anytime I have to step in and play back up QB for my Kristin, the Kassing family productivity and progress comes to a screeching halt. Our family goes as she goes. I always say, anything good coming from our kids or our home is because of this woman.

Today we say Happy Birthday and Thank You for all you do, Kris. Thank you for being such a loyal and selfless wife, Mother and friend. We love you more than you will ever know!

“Happy Birthday Mom…I love you because you are so nice and you care about us.” -Halle

“Happy Birthday Momma, I love about you, because you are so nice.” – Marin (And if you know Marin, you can hear her say it that exact way. They get grammar skill Dad from.)

“I love you. It’s your birthday. I’m gonna go dance.” – Drew (He was a little pre-occupied during the interview.)

We Love You Kristin! Happy Birthday! Let’s go to Disneyland.

Brock, Halle, Marin & Drew


Just a Couple a Kids…Riding their Bike

April 21, 2011

Yesterday, on my way to work, I drove by a couple kids riding their bike. Yea, that’s right, singular…”bike.” These boys were doing, what all of us, at one point or another did as kids, the ever-so-stupid “pump.” You know, one kid pedaling, the other either hanging on the back via pegs or sitting on the handle bars. Really a genius move. Not to mention safe.

But safety wasn’t what came to mind. It was the fact that it was two kids, on one bike, looking completely ridiculous, headed to school. Riding past their peers without a care in the world. So, my thought was this…at what point do what start to get embarrassed?

I mean really, when is the last time you jumped on your bike and told your buddy to hop on and head to the gas station, etc. etc? You wouldn’t…we are too cool now. Well, too cool and we realize it’s not the safest thing to do, yet, it’s cool if the kids do it, but no, not us. Safety first. There I go with the safety thing again. Sorry. But really. That has to be a sad day when you realize giving your buddy a lift to school via a “pump” just isn’t cool anymore.

My two-year old, like a lot of kids his age, (I tell myself that just to justify his habit), has the nasty habit of picking his nose. As hard as we try to prevent it, there’s no stopping it. I can only hope he grows out of it, but for now, he doesn’t care. And why should he? He’s not even familiar with the word “embarrassing.” More power to him. He’ll pick his nose in front of his two-year old girlfriend and she doesn’t care either. How would it be?

I’m not saying I wish I could sit across from a group of friends and just pick away, I’m just saying wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t care what others thought. You know, you wouldn’t be ashamed to use a public restroom or go out of your way to avoid a friend while you’re at the store in your sweat pants and favorite wolf t-shirt. Maybe some of you don’t, which in that case, good for you. I wish I was so brave.

For now, however, I will envy my two-year olds ability to openly pass gas at Grandma’s and still be called cute. I will envy those boys getting their “pump on.” (I know what you are thinking…keep it clean pervy.) And I will envy anyone wearing a white “T” accompanied by white sweat pants.
Go get ’em boys. Hear’s hopin’ you never meet that jerk of a friend named “embarrassment.”

Life is Beautiful

April 11, 2011

Throughout my life I have turned to music. Whether it was for comfort, inspiration, a boost of energy or simply a reason to get my mind off something, I constantly look for an escape via music.  Oddly enough, I have little to no musical talent. And really, the only reason it’s not a complete no is because I did take a guitar less or two as well as lessons for the recorder, saxophone and the ukulele. None of which, I can play a note on anymore. But, at least I can add them to my musical resume.

Here’s why I love music. The other day I took my kids to the movies while Mom was at work. During a preview for an upcoming film a song came on titled, “Life is Beautiful.” The entire moment stopped. No, not because of the movie preview, but because of the impact of the song. There I was, with my three kids, shuffling booster seats, passing out popcorn, and handing out drinks and I realized you know,  this is beautiful.

Sure, it would have been better with Mom, but it was also valuable Dad time. And seconds before the song stopped me in my tracks, my thoughts were not on the priceless moment, rather, they were on trying to limit spills, determine seating arrangements and limit the number of times my son (2) gave the Mom in front of us whiplash via kicks to the back of her chair.

As parents we often get caught up in the work of the moment and not so much the moment itself. I am more guilty of this than anyone. Sometimes I feel like I’m simply taking my kids somewhere just to hurry and get them out. I’m also guilty of thinking an event or landmark is more important than the simple time spent with loved ones. For example, my goal was to have the kids enjoy the movie…not time together.

Later that night, I searched for the song on iTunes and downloaded it onto my phone… “Life is Beautiful” by Vega4.  I’ve listened to it at least a billion times since and each time, a different line stands out. One in particular hit me this morning: “When you run away from harm, will you run back into my arms, like you did  when you were young? Will you come back to me?” Again, my thoughts went back to my kids.

With my kids the ages they are, my wife and I constantly have a kid running to us. Whether it’s walking in from a day at work, after a bump or fall, after a long day at school or, the ever so common, tattle tail. For now, running to mom and dad is just part of life. Sometimes so common, I find myself hiding when I hear it coming. But you know, I imagine it’s a sad day the running back to mom and dad stops.

I think about my own life when I finally reached the point where I didn’t need to share a bad day with my parents, or if I did, I didn’t do it willingly. We reach a point where we can either handle it ourselves, well, we think we can, or we share the burden with a friend or other loved one. Maybe relying on our parents ends so gradually we don’t even notice it.

This song reminds me the time may come all to soon. Unfortunately, there will be a day where we don’t know everything going on in our kids life…and chances are…we probably won’t want to. But for now, I will make an effort to embrace the moments where my children still run back into my arms. With any luck, the impact of their Dad’s comfort will have a lasting impression. Strong enough they will always know they can run back to me.

Let’s Try This Again

April 5, 2011

A year or so ago, I made an attempt at keeping my own blog. Typical me, I lost interest and never went back. The only problem is, I constantly remind myself I need to write down my thoughts. Not that I think people are waiting on pins and needles to hear what I have to say. No, it’s more because the older I get, the more I realize the stuff happening to me, the experiences I take part in, all happen for a reason and although the odds are pretty slim, someone, some day, may appreciate the fact I wrote a few down.

After days of deciding what to title my blog, I went with “all i ever knew.” Why, you ask? Well, to be honest, after trying 450 other options, only to find out they were already spoke for, I went with the title of the song I was listening to at that very moment. “All I Ever Knew” by Joshua Radin. I don’t think it’s actually his song, but he was singing it and this is my blog so it’s his today.

The funny thing is, the more I thought about the title, the more it grew on me. “All I Ever Knew.” That’s the purpose of my blog to begin with. The reason I wanted to start one is to have a chance to write about my life and the people in it. The older I get, the more sentimental I get and it’s time I let those that influence me know the impact they have had…are having on my life.

Fortunately, for you, I was blessed with the attention span of a three-year old, so odds are, it won’t always be sappy posts about sentimental experiences. No, it will be more like a romantic comedy…no, scratch that, the guys will kill me for using the word “romantic.” Let’s go with Dramedy, that is a word right? A little drama…a little comedy, meaning the comedy that is my life.

So, here goes nothing…again.